Concierge Family Office Helps Pro Athletes
04 Dec 2015

Concierge Family Office Helps Pro Athletes

After working with some of the nation’s

04 Dec 2015

After working with some of the nation’s top athletes for nearly two decades, Brad Fullington, CFP®, AIF®, CRPS® has opened a new business to better serve some of the biggest names in sports. Fullington’s new company, Concierge Family Office, launches this week at the Major League Baseball Winter Meeting at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Conference Center in Nashville.

Fullington is well known in financial circles as the Managing Principal at B.W. Fullington & Associates, the Knoxville-based financial planning company where he has served the financial planning community in Tennessee and in 25 states for nearly 20 years. Fullington attended college on an athletic scholarship and comes from a family that includes high-profile professional athletes. His background with professional athletes gave Fullington unique insight into the financial challenges facing professional athletes (watch video below).

Edited 10 Small“Concierge Family Office provides premier services to premier athletes,” Fullington said. “We’ve worked with professional athletes for nearly two decades, and we have a proven track record of successfully managing their finances. What makes Concierge Family Office different is that we are fee-only and athlete exclusive, which means we make no commissions on any financial products. We truly work for them and them alone. We are their Personal CFO®.”

Fullington says that most financial service providers make a commission on the investments they recommend, which leaves the athlete to make uninformed decisions and causes a conflict of interest between them and their broker or advisor. Concierge Family Office does not charge commissions.

“We invest in the things that make the most sense for an athlete and help them reach their financial goals,” Fullington said. “Our clients will tell you that we have been a trusted member of their team and that is the same vision that I have for Concierge Family Office.

“We go hunting together, we go fishing together and we know each others families. There’s a bond and relationship between us and the people we work with that is rare in today’s world.”

Some of the services that Concierge Family Office will oversee for its clients include income tax deferral strategies, draft protection strategies, signing bonus management and planning, family relocation, family vacation planning, promotions through the minors and into the major leagues, retirement planning, foundation management, estate tax planning and charitable giving strategies. All of the services are available to athletes 24/7 through Concierge Family Office’s proprietary online software platform .

“Just about everything we do at Concierge Family Office is unique,” Fullington said. “From the relationships we build with our clients to the way we manage their finances to the access they get through our proprietary software platform. We set all of these services up because we have worked with professional athletes for almost two decades and we know the challenges they face.”

Beginning this weekend, Fullington will meet with agents and professional baseball players from both Minor League and Major League baseball teams at the MLB Winter Conference in Nashville. This is the 114th annual meeting and the event draws players and agents from all over the country for seminars, workshops, training and a trade show.

“We haven’t even launched the company yet and we’re already hearing from agents and players who are excited about what Concierge Family Office is doing,” Fullington said. “Any time you can genuinely help people reach their goals, it’s exciting.”

Concierge Family Office, which serves professional athletes who play football, baseball, basketball, golf and other professional sports, is located at 520 West Summit Hill Drive in Knoxville. For more information about Concierge Family office, visit MyConcierge.Life.


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