Concierge Family Office protects athletes’ money
10 Dec 2015

Concierge Family Office protects athletes’ money

Rick Laney Marketing client Concierge Family Office

10 Dec 2015

Rick Laney Marketing client Concierge Family Office (CFO) is featured on WVLT (CBS) News.

See complete WVLT story here. Knoxville native and financial advisor Brad Fullington is the founder of Concierge Family Office, an organization thats goal is to keep athletes financially sound well beyond their playing days.

Fullington- “And what gets them in trouble is when they retire, the income stops coming in and they have 40 million dollars of debt and with no income coming in, that debt catches up with them.

According to CBS Sports, 78 percent of NFL players face bankruptcy or serious financial stress within just two years of leaving the game and 60 percent of NBA players face the same dire results in five years.

Fullington -“One of our biggest roles is to keep them from doing things they want to do and what other people want them to do and so many times you hear about honest guys go to their friend with a great investment idea and it goes bust.”

While sports agents jump start an athletes career, Brad’s goal is to insure the quality of his clients journey . Enter the word Family in CFO, there’s no playing hard ball when it comes to Family.

Fullington – “We want to take care of what they have, everything from investments, their income tax return at the end of the year to scheduling their vacations and that’s really what Concierge is all about is really trying to take care of their needs and whatever those needs may be.”

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