Luxedo Projection System from Siriusly Creative
20 Jun 2017

Luxedo Projection System from Siriusly Creative

A revolutionary new projection system from Siriusly

20 Jun 2017

A revolutionary new projection system from Siriusly Creative, LLC launches today on Kickstarter. The new Luxedo Projection System allows users to create endless graphics or designs on the Luxedo app and then vividly project them on any surface – indoors or out – turning any home, building or business into an advertisement, a work of art or a holiday celebration.

Decorating a home for the holidays, a special event or a party is as easy as designing on a laptop or mobile device and hitting “enter.” Businesses can advertise discounts, specials or new services without printing expensive banners or signs – and the projected messages are bright and more eye-catching than traditional signage. Businesses can also change those messages or images at any time.

The weather-resistant Luxedo Projection System takes a photograph of the home, business, wall or surface where an image will be projected and maps that surface to create a template for the app. The user then creates the image to be projected and – with the help of the app – the projected image is precisely where the user wants it to be.

Forward-thinking businesses and marketing professionals have just begun to tap the benefits of projected messaging, with firms specializing in projected advertising popping up in larger towns including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco. Companies including Samsung, BMW and Ralph Lauren use projected advertising regularly, but the cost has kept it out of reach for most mid- and small-size companies.

The 2500-Lumen Luxedo Projection System utilizes 3LCD technology, which is superior to older LCD and DLP technologies and delivers a bright, vibrant projected image. The real power behind the system is the Luxedo web app. Preloaded with thousands of graphics including holiday themes, fonts, graphic images and a drag-and-drop user interface, the Luxedo app allows users to quickly and easily design whatever they want and project it on any surface.

“For consumers, decorating a house for the holidays or a special event just got much easier,” said Matt Huszar, the inventor of the Luxedo Projection System. “And this is an even bigger breakthrough for businesses.

“Any business that utilizes outdoor signage will immediately see a return from the Luxedo Projection System. Businesses spend a fortune on indoor and outdoor signage and advertising every year. The Luxedo Projection System does away with that expense for business owners.”

Over the past 18 months, Siriusly Creative, the company behind the Luxedo Projection System, engineered and developed dozens of prototypes focusing on image quality, user interface, ease of use for the projector and the app, weather resistance and brightness before introducing the Luxedo Projection System. The company plans to sell 1,000 units through KickStarter to launch the product. According to Huszar, the design and technical work on the Luxedo Projection System is nearly complete, and presales are needed to begin the manufacturing process.

The management team at Siriusly Creative has decades of experience managing and advising hundreds of companies that manufacture complex products. The team has helped design and manufacture products ranging from cars to beds to recreational equipment.

The Luxedo Projection System launch was covered by Business Wire, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Miami Herald and Charlotte Observer.

For more information or to purchase the Luxedo Projection System, visit the KickStarter Campaign or today. Watch the video below to see more about the Luxedo Projection System from Siriusly Creative, LLC.



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