New from RDI: Iris M Motion Amplification
16 Nov 2016

New from RDI: Iris M Motion Amplification

Iris M from RDI Technologies is the

16 Nov 2016

Iris M from RDI Technologies is the first device of its kind that allows manufacturing users to see – in real time – motion that is unseen to the human eye. This patented Motion Amplification™ technique lets you visualize motions across the entire asset that are typically only detected with sophisticated instrumentation.

The Iris M platform from RDI Technologies monitors critical manufacturing operations, processes, quality and he1_2794structural components that affect plant reliability and productivity. Iris M is a unique, revolutionary technology that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye. By turning every pixel in the camera into a sensor, Iris M takes millions of measurements in a fraction of a second. And it does this with no physical connection to your machinery or equipment. Seeing is believing.

“The Iris M platform is revolutionary,” said Dr. Jeff Hay, CEO of RDI Technologies. “There has never been a device that allows you to get this level of data and actionable information without a direct connection to the machinery being monitored.”

The Iris M technology platform delivers quick, amplified video to users, enabling them to make instant decisions about manufacturing operations based on real data. The ability to visualize the entire process while retaining component-level analysis makes Iris M the perfect tool for screening, fault finding, baseline or commissioning and he1_2734pre/post repairs or retrofits. Every step of the way, Iris M provides specific information about the process or issues at the root of a quality problem.

“The Iris M platform from RDI Technologies is a game-changer,” said Bob Wilson, President of RDI Technologies. “Reliability and maintenance professionals can do their job much faster and with a higher degree of accuracy.”

Iris M’s Motion Amplification™ software produces an easy to understand amplified video of motion across your structures, equipment, or machinery which enables far more effective communication between technical and nontechnical personnel and enhances decision-making. Videos from the Iris M platform are produced within seconds of data collection.

In other words, Iris M saves you time and money.

For more information about the Iris M Motion Amplification™ platform from RDI Technologies, visit

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