New meal kits from Paleo Foods & More
14 Nov 2017

New meal kits from Paleo Foods & More

Knoxville’s popular Paleo Foods & More restaurant

14 Nov 2017

Knoxville’s popular Paleo Foods & More restaurant has launched take-home meal kits, and the company says it can barely keep up with the overwhelming demand for its healthy, locally-sourced meals.

Home meal kits are quickly becoming the norm for many busy American families. The rise of companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh has created a billion-dollar industry that is rapidly growing. While meal kits are a growing trend, they go directly against the popular farm-to-table philosophy that urges consumers to use local food products.

“We release a new take-home meal kit menu every Monday,” said Matt Huszar, general manager of Paleo Foods & More. “People have until midnight on Wednesday to place their weekly orders. Orders are then prepared and can then be picked up at our Cross Park Drive location near Cedar Bluff in West Knoxville or at our Alcoa Highway location on Saturday or Monday.

“People are just so busy today. Having a meal kit that you simply heat up and serve in a matter of minutes is a huge benefit for most people. The difference with take-home meal kits from Paleo Foods & More is that our meals are both healthy and locally sourced. You aren’t getting produce or vegetables from the West Coast or meats from Iowa … it’s from right here in East Tennessee.”

According to Huszar, take-home meal kits have been extremely popular at Paleo Foods & More. Customers say the meal kits save them time on weekly meal planning, eliminate time spent in the kitchen preparing food, and significantly reduce time and expenses at grocery stores.

“Take-home meal kits from Paleo Foods & More free people up to spend more time with their family, provide delicious and healthy food that people love, and free people up to spend more time doing the things they enjoy,” Huszar said. “It’s an all-around win for the families who use them.”

Paleo Foods & More is Tennessee’s only paleo restaurant which specializes in non GMO, grass-fed, locally-sourced organic food. The company recently opened a second location and announced plans for more locations in the near future.

A paleo diet is based on foods that can be hunted or fished like meat and seafood and foods that can be gathered like eggs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. While all paleo foods have health benefits, Paleo Foods & More views the taste of its menu items as being equally important to its healthy formula.

“Delicious food has never been this good for you,” said Huszar, “Most people know that a paleo diet is really healthy, but they’re surprised to find sausage biscuits, chicken nachos, cinnamon waffles, chocolate donuts, brownies, strawberry cake and even a breakfast pizza on our menu.

“We offer a large variety of foods that are fun, good for you and – most importantly – taste amazing. People will eat some foods just because they’re healthy and all-natural, but they will line up out the door for healthy foods that taste great. That is what we’ve witnessed at Paleo Foods & More.”

The weekly take-home meal kit menus are published every Monday on the company’s website and Facebook page. Orders for the week must be placed by midnight Wednesday and food is available for pick-up at either Paleo Foods & More location the following Saturday or Monday.

Paleo Foods & More is opened Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  The restaurants are closed on Sunday. For more information about Paleo Foods & More, visit

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