‘Nobody Knows’ at Knoxville Convention Center
16 Nov 2014

‘Nobody Knows’ at Knoxville Convention Center

Knoxville playwright Nateah Finnikin shines a bright

16 Nov 2014

Knoxville playwright Nateah Finnikin shines a bright light on dark secrets with her play Nobody Knows. Everyone has some kind of secret ̶ the kind of thing they won’t acknowledge or discuss ̶ and Nobody Knows shows through drama, music and poetry how normal people deal with those things they don’t want to talk about.

Finnikin’s play, written in 2012, is based on the forthcoming book “This Is Between” Us by Sandra Donaldson-Reed. The play Nobody Knows brings the book to life at the Knoxville Convention Center on Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014.

Nobody Knows focuses on five girls from various walks in life living together in a boarding house. There’s also a seemingly elderly matriarch, crazy neighbors, a loving teacher and one (only one) man. As the audience travels through the lives of these characters, they discover that things aren’t always what they seem.

Nobody Knows takes a comedic approach to confronting many relate-able life issues. The play is infused with dance, music, poetry and, of course, plenty of secrets! The tantalizing tale has left audiences laughing and crying before they discover hope in bringing the darkest secrets to light. No one leaves untouched.

Finnikin said, “I have always been enamored by the beauty of theatre and the power it possesses. I want to utilize this amazing artistic outlet to spread a message of love, personal empowerment, and forgiveness throughout our community.”

The cast of Nobody Knows includes Marcia Satterfield, Sidney Clinkscales, Carla Rogers, Shajuan Giles, Jalisa Byrd, Reagan Griffin, Dee Dee Gist, Oracle West and Tiffany Watkins. Finnikin’s daughter Zaria Finnikin is also in the production along with Finnikin’s aunt, Sandra Donaldson-Reed, who wrote the book upon which the play is based.

“This is a story about secrets and truth,” Finnikin said. “There are many things in life ̶ some of them not so pretty ̶ that people want to sweep under the rug and ignore. The real message of Nobody Knows is that everyone has shadows, but we are all worthy of forgiveness and redemption.”

Finnikin, who also directs and produces the production of Nobody Knows, debuted her play to a sold-out crowd last year at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center in Knoxville. This year, the production moves to the Knoxville Convention Center on Saturday, Nov. 1 where there will be two shows. A matinee production begins at 2 p.m. and an evening show at 7 p.m.

For tickets and more information, visit www.MagahaBoardingHouse.com.

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