Knoxville Healthcare Guide finds doctors easily
18 Apr 2017

Knoxville Healthcare Guide finds doctors easily

Anyone searching for a healthcare provider or

18 Apr 2017

Anyone searching for a healthcare provider or moving to a new city knows that identifying and sifting through the myriad of options can be a challenge. The Affordable Care Act – and ongoing changes to the Affordable Care Act – magnify those challenges, and finding the right provider can be overwhelming. Knoxville-based O’Connor Communications has found a solution to assist you in your search: The Knoxville Healthcare Guide.

O’Connor Communications is a Knoxville-based publishing company that started 40 years ago. The company is best-known for publishing popular print and online apartment guides in various markets throughout Tennessee and Alabama. Because so many people utilize the company’s apartment guides to find housing, O’Connor Communications recognized a similar challenge facing those trying to find healthcare providers.

“We recognized the need, and we already had a fantastic solution,” said Brandon O’Connor, Executive Vice President of O’Connor Communications. “We took the platform we developed for quickly and easily navigating through hundreds of apartment communities and applied it to the healthcare industry. Our platform is designed to allow for quick and easy navigation of a
variety of providers within an industry. With a few tweaks, it meshed well with the healthcare industry.”

The new Knoxville Healthcare Guide launched last month in both a printed book and digital online platform. Both versions – print and digital – are free to the public. In the guide, healthcare providers are categorized by their specialty, making it easy to quickly find the kind of provider you are looking for in the area where you live. The guide provides detailed information about hundreds of Knoxville physicians and specialists.

“Keeping track of and navigating the changes to healthcare policies and coverage can be challenging enough,” O’Connor said. “We have some fantastic providers in our area, but the sheer number can be overwhelming when searching for the right one. Our magazine and digital platform aim to mitigate that problem. We understand that your health depends on the quality of care received, so it’s important to find the provider that best fits.”

O’Connor Communications is in based in Knoxville and owned by Joe and Brandon O’Connor – a father-and-son team that has a combined 43 years’ experience in the publishing industry. The company has offices in Knoxville, Tennessee and Mobile, Alabama and employs seven full-time people.

The new Knoxville Healthcare Guide is distributed through O’Connor Communications vast distribution network, including but not limited to, grocery stores, local pharmacies, area healthcare providers, direct mail and at

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