Our client family is growing
22 Jun 2015

Our client family is growing

The Rick Laney Marketing family of clients

22 Jun 2015

The Rick Laney Marketing family of clients is growing again. We are pleased to announce that just last week we added Drake Manufacturing (Warren, OH) and RDI Technologies (Knoxville, TN) to our expanding client list.

Drake ManufacturingFounded in 1972, Drake Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools.  Its precision machine tools are used in a broad range of threading, grinding and other applications worldwide. In 2006, the company began a special focus on machines and systems for threading and it has since earned an international reputation as the expert source for complicated threading projects.

RDI Technologies has developed and patented a technology platform that utilizes standard video camera technology for the measurement of motion, vibration, and displacement not visible to the human eye. This technology virtually turns every pixel in the camera’s view into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with sub pixel accuracy. The results naturally lend themselves to a visualization of the motion and several unique market segments. RDI’s patented technology is currently being applied to structural RDI Technologiesmonitoring and analysis of critical infrastructure, predictive maintenance, and respiration monitoring.

For the past three years, Rick Laney Marketing has helped companies increase profitability and market share. Specializing in strategy, branding and communications, the full-service marketing firm will provide branding, positioning, advertising and public relations services to both Drake Manufacturing and  RDI Technologies.

Rick Laney Marketing helps clients thrive in today’s ever-changing world by becoming intimately interconnected with their marketplace. We help companies and brands identify who they want to sell to and show them how to get those people to buy. That is marketing.

To see a complete list of the clients we serve, see “The World’s Best Clients” here.


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