Our Partner: Amuze Products
21 Feb 2016

Our Partner: Amuze Products

Amuze Products provides luxury massage chairs to

21 Feb 2016

Amuze Products provides luxury massage chairs to medical facilities, attractions and airports across the country. With a unique business model, Amuze Products relies on Rick Laney Marketing to create and implement an aggressive strategy that is successfully growing its business.

amuze_tradeshowboothWhen Amuze Products wanted a new website that reflected the company’s dynamic brand and drove new business, they turned to Rick Laney Marketing. They also turned to us for a new trade show booth, collateral materials, direct mail campaigns and product wraps.

Amuze Products allows businesses to turn the experience of “waiting” into something customers love and look forward to. Anywhere there is a waiting room, Amuze Products provides an opportunity to generate revenue while taking care of customers. Amuze serves customers including:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Airports
  • Tire Shops
  • Malls

While children are enjoying their activities, parents have no choice but to wait – and Amuze Products makes waiting fun for customers and profitable for the businesses serving them. While Amuze Products serves countless markets, it specializes in attractions and entertainment venues including:

  • Trampoline Parks
  • Gymnastics Centers
  • Laser Tag Centers
  • Batting Cages



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