Digital and Content Marketing
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Digital and Content Marketing

“Digital” is a daily touchpoint in everyone’s life.


If you think about it, “digital” is a daily touchpoint in just about everyone’s life. We rely on it and, sometimes, crave it. When it’s right, it can create an amazing customer experience. Rick Laney Marketing helps companies develop a deeper understanding of online consumer behaviors to generate the right mix of digital assets and messaging — intimately interconnected to your overall strategy and marketing plan. This is how we make those beautiful customer experiences happen.

Virtually all media and communication channels have migrated to the digital world. Content Marketing attracts and retains customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content. It is vital to any digital marketing plan in today’s marketplace. Content marketing drives your social media messaging, SEO, PR, and inbound marketing. It is the art of communicating with customers without selling — and it leads to owning media rather than just renting it.