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Our clients get attention


Our clients get considerable attention. Publicity can be a valuable part of a comprehensive marketing campaign  ̶  it builds credibility, increases awareness, can educate the marketplace and communicates your key messaging to the public. While publicity alone is not an effective strategy, it can play a key role in supporting other objectives.

There are many forms of publicity we secure regularly for our clients. Some of them are:

  • Media coverage (interviews and feature stories on television or radio, in newspapers, magazine or trade publications, etc.)
  • Expert sources (positioning key personnel as “subject matter experts” for the media and trade associations on subjects pertaining to their company and the markets they serve)
  • Speaking engagements (scheduling key personnel to participate on panels and as featured guests at conferences, trade shows and industry events)

Publicity is a cost-effective way to communicate a message without buying advertising time or space. It’s benefits include:

  • Builds awareness about your products, services, expertise and people
  • Drives prospects to your website
  • Drives participation in a promotion or special event
  • Educates the market about problems your company can solve or advances you have made
  • Creates an ongoing dialogue with the marketplace

We’ve worked with national and local media for decades. We know exactly who to call and we know how to prepare materials that are interesting, relevant and timely.

Over the years, our clients have been featured by the media below (and many others).

Media Sheet showing publicity