PostModern Spirits opens in Knoxville’s Old City
10 Aug 2017

PostModern Spirits opens in Knoxville’s Old City

PostModern Spirits will have its grand opening

10 Aug 2017

PostModern Spirits will have its grand opening celebration on Wednesday, Aug. 16 from 5 to 9 p.m. Located in the historic Jackson Terminal Building in Knoxville’s Old City district, PostModern Spirits crafts contemporary American spirits aimed at the modern consumer. An array of gins, vodkas, and liqueurs will be available upon launch and the company’s forthcoming “(M)alt Whiskey” is currently being rested in oak barrels for release later this year.

Just under a year ago, two veterans of the local craft distilling industry embarked on a journey to reestablish Knoxville as a leader in craft spirits. Partners Eric McNew and Stanton Webster combined resources and found the perfect home for the new venture in Knoxville’s Old City. Housed in a 4,700 square-foot facility at 205 W. Jackson Ave., PostModern Spirits and the connecting Methodology Cocktail and Tasting Experience Room produce and highlight unique spirits that are both trendy and rooted in tradition.

McNew and Webster say that many drinkers new to spirits are seeking authenticity, trendiness, and accessible options for their drinks. PostModern Spirits is their answer to that call.

“From the beginning, we wanted to honor the past traditions of crafting fine spirits, but we know that today’s cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders are always looking for something new and exciting,” said McNew. “To that end, the gin family will cover the spectrum with a bold, juniper-forward 114-proof navy strength Empirical Gin. This gin will be the bartender’s favorite with a backbone of crushed juniper leading the palate to 7 other botanicals like grapefruit peel and rose hips that provide structure and complexity.”

At the other end of the gin spectrum, McNew said Giniferous Gin is a “summery citrus gin in the contemporary American style” that is extremely popular among today’s gin enthusiasts. In addition to the fresh citrus zest included in each distillation, PostModern brings in an ingredient familiar to the craft beer consumer; Citra Hops. The hops, along with lavender, add a hint of bitterness and an unmistakable aroma.

KORE Vodka from PostModern Spirits takes its name from the Greek Goddess of vegetation. The triple-filtered vodka is distilled from corn and is naturally gluten-free. McNew said KORE Vodka has a silky mouth feel and perfectly complements a cocktail. It can also be simply served with a splash of sparkling soda.

Today’s bartenders and home cocktail mixologists seek out great ingredients to accompany their base spirits. That’s why PostModern Spirits plans to create memorable liqueurs. The introductory offerings include Chamomile Liqueur with Apricot and Elderflower. Created as a cocktail enhancer, McNew says the complex herbal tea aroma and flavor make it perfect in a tall glass with club soda and a lemon twist. Elderberry Gin Liqueur brings the flavors of late summer into a bottle. According to McNew, tangy Elderberries with subtle stewed fruit notes are sweetened just the right amount before being fortified with citrus gin.

In addition to the launch of five spirits at opening, PostModern Spirits is busy barreling American Single Malt Whiskey and other innovative spirits which the company will debut later this year.

“We want East Tennesseans to enjoy cocktails inspired by some of the area’s most celebrated bartenders,” McNew said. “There will be plenty of original creations or people can go for the simplicity of a Gin and Tonic surrounded by the cool PostModern vibe.”

At PostModern Spirits’ Methodology Cocktail and Tasting Experience (the company’s “cocktail lounge”), all of the spirits can be sampled as a flight or in a full-size craft cocktail from the bartenders at Methodology.

PostModern Spirits and the Methodology Cocktail and Tasting Experience are located at 205 W. Jackson Ave. in Knoxville’s Old City (in the historic Jackson Terminal Building). For more information, visit

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