RDI Technologies and BridgeView
15 Dec 2015

RDI Technologies and BridgeView

When RDI Technologies pioneered non-contact structural health

15 Dec 2015

When RDI Technologies pioneered non-contact structural health monitoring for critical infrastructure and bridges, Rick Laney Marketing was there to help with the marketing strategy, messaging, branding and public relations planning.

RDI developed BridgeView, which is the first non-contact and non destructive method for measuring real time bridge displacement, frequency, and response to load. This allows BridgeView to regularly monitor bridges and provide data that is quantitative versus current qualitative methods for assessing bridges.

RDI Technologies’ President Bob Wilson said, “It is really exciting when you get a chance to work with someone who just ‘gets it’ in terms of what is needed to position, promote, and market a company. Rick Laney has an uncanny ability to understand what you’re doing, who you need to reach, and to develop the marketing plan and execution strategies needed to get the job done. His work ethic, emphasis on quality and professionalism, and ability to get the right resources in place to get the job done are why we will continue to use Rick Laney and the team at Rick Laney Marketing for all of our marketing needs as we grow and expand.”

Current bridge inspection methods require that the engineer attach expensive equipment to parts of the bridge such as accelerometers and strain gauges or physically inspect all bridge components. These methods are costly, labor intensive, and dangerous for the inspector. They also only provide the bridge owner with point-in-time data every two years. BridgeView provides real time data that can be acquired safely, simply, and often. For more information about BridgeView and RDI Technologies, click here.

In addition to logo design, trade show booth creation and strategic marketing services, Rick Laney Marketing also created and implemented an international public relations campaign that resulted in BridgeView being featured in the world’s leading bridge publication, Bridge Design & Engineering Magazine in London. The entire feature story can be read here.

Some of the work Rick Laney Marketing does for RDI Technologies and BridgeView is below.





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  1. Natalie Gwin March 30th, 2016 6:48PM

    Great read! Congratulations, Rick for continuing to rule the market with your outstanding work!

    • Rick Laney Marketing March 30th, 2016 7:43PM

      Thanks Natalie!

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