Survature hires Sarah Burton
20 Jul 2015

Survature hires Sarah Burton

Survature has hired Sarah Burton as Divisional

20 Jul 2015

Survature has hired Sarah Burton as Divisional Sales Director. Burton spent more than 15 years in broadcast media specializing in digital marketing.

She came to Knoxville in 2005 from North Carolina to work for WATE 6 television as a Digital Sales Manager. Over the years, Burton has worked with clients in virtually every field including furniture, health care, grocery, service and automotive.

Burton is married to Lewis Burton and has two children, Samantha and Edward. She also served as President of the East Tennessee Kidney Foundation for three years.

Sarah Burton“My passion is developing strategies that increase a client’s bottom line,” Burton said. “Survature offers a valuable data collection and analytics platform that offers clients a competitive edge. I am excited to join the Survature team and to work with the many companies that benefit from the service Survature offers.”

Survature is an all-new survey platform that increases participation and reveals participant priorities. Survature’s revolutionary interface leads to completion rates three to five times higher than the industry average, and for the first time ever, Survature gives organizations insight into the priorities and behavior of their target audience.

Survature’s one-of-a-kind interface allows survey takers to give responses in any order they want. While they are interacting with the question, the Survature data engine is assessing their behavior. In essence, Survature listens to and records what a respondent said and how they said it. This added insight empowers organizations to make the right decisions and gives them a dramatic competitive advantage.

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