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Our clients thrive because of the work we do. There are four steps to our process that ensure we meet your objectives; research, planning, implementation and analysis. We get to know your target markets, create marketing programs that touch those targets where they are, implement those programs, and then analyze the results to see how we can constantly improve. To succeed in this connected and ultra-competitive world, your marketing strategy must leverage every tool, technology, talent and channel at your disposal. It’s the only way to ensure growth and achieve real, tangible and measurable results.

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Holistic Band


Holistic /hōˈlistik/ adjective — characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Strategy Branding Communications

Strategy Branding Comm

What We Do

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Rick Laney Marketing helps clients thrive by becoming intimately interconnected with their marketplace. We have conceptualized and implemented every conceivable kind of marketing, branding and communications program and have a 20-year track record of increasing market share and profitability for the clients we serve.

Marketing Strategy

The very definition of marketing is changing. Massive shifts in technology and society are converging to make old marketing models obsolete. Marketing is becoming a vastly more complex activity, demanding an entirely different perspective, new capabilities, new organizational models, and a new set of skills.


Branding and Positioning

No matter what you’ve been told, branding and positioning are not one in the same. Positioning helps customers associate a benefit with a product or service while branding is your company’s identity in the mind of the customer. We help create new brands, strengthen existing brands, and develop distinctive and relevant market positions.


Digital and Content Marketing

If you think about it, “digital” is a daily touchpoint in just about everyone’s life. When it’s right, it can create an amazing customer experience. We help companies develop a deeper understanding of online consumer behaviors to generate the right mix of digital assets and messaging — intimately interconnected to your overall strategy and marketing plan.



Messages — the words you use to describe your company — are, along with the company’s actions, the foundation of every relationship. But desired messages are increasingly difficult to manage in a complex, interactive environment. Today, success is based just as much (sometimes more) on what others say about your company as on what you say about yourself.



Our clients get considerable attention. Publicity can be a valuable part of a comprehensive marketing campaign  ̶  it builds credibility, increases awareness, can educate the marketplace and communicates your key messaging to the public. While publicity alone is not an effective strategy, it can play a key role in supporting other objectives. There are many forms of publicity we secure regularly for our clients.



Rick Laney Marketing Marketing offers a full range of creative services for clients that strengthen brands and effectively communicate with the marketplace. Creative Director Denver Stevens oversees everything from print advertising and video production to logo creation, billboard design, website development and collateral materials. See some of our award-winning work below.


ADDY Awards

Work We’ve Done


Our Work

Rick Laney Marketing creates effective materials for its clients that support and strengthen brands. While our work is stunning, and we’ve won our share of awards, we prefer to measure the success of what we do in terms of increased market share and profitability for the companies and organizations we serve. We have a long history of producing creative tools that work.

Brochures and Collateral

Take a look at the brochures we’ve created.


Signage and Billboards

Take a look at billboards we’ve designed.



Take a look at the logos we’ve created.


Print Advertising

Take a look at some of our print advertising.


Television Commercials

Take a look at television commercials we’ve produced.


Websites and Digital Ads

Take a look at websites and digital advertising we created.




Bart Fricks Testimonial

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“I have worked with Rick Laney Marketing on a variety of marketing, advertising and communications projects for Calhoun’s and the Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants. I find them to be professional, creative, timely and trustworthy.”

Bart Fricks, COO, Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants


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