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We believe most marketing firms, advertising agencies and public relations groups would take an entirely different approach to serving clients if they had ever actually been a client. Because we have occupied both sides of the table, Rick Laney Marketing knows how to successfully service accounts and become a valuable, long-term partner to the clients it serves. Clients appreciate Rick Laney Marketing’s thorough approach to research and planning, the quality of our work, our commitment to deadlines, and our unwavering adherence to budgets. The only surprises our clients get are when we surpass their expectations and outperform their own projections.

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Rick Laney Marketing

Rick Laney is a nationally recognized marketing expert and communications pro who consistently increases market share and profitability for his clients.

A pioneer in the practice of integrated marketing, Laney taught companies throughout the United States how to demolish the silos separating marketing, sales, communications, advertising, public relations and customer service in the 1990s and early 2000s. But the world has changed — and today integration isn’t enough. Now he helps companies succeed by taking integration to an entirely new level with holistic and interconnected marketing, where all customer contact is carefully and strategically orchestrated to create an amazing customer experience and build a lasting relationship.

With nearly two decades of senior-level marketing management experience, he has successfully launched new companies and Rick TV Smallproducts, more than doubled market share and revenue for existing companies, managed dynamic national campaigns through major mergers and acquisitions, and engineered marketing and investor relations strategies for successful initial public offerings (IPOs) on NASDAQ.

Laney served as director and vice president of two Chicago-based holding companies and a national “Top 100″ public relations firm. He has managed all aspects of marketing and marketing communications for privately held and publicly traded companies ranging in size from $80 million to $550 million in annual sales.

Rick Laney is a sought-after source for the local and national media on all subjects relating to marketing in today’s rapidly changing world. He appears regularly on television, radio and in major print publications as an expert source for marketing-related news coverage.


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Bob Wilson Testimonial

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“It is really exciting when you get a chance to work with someone who just ‘gets it’ in terms of what is needed to position, promote, and market a company. Rick Laney has an uncanny ability to understand what you’re doing, who you need to reach, and to develop the marketing plan and execution strategies needed to get the job done. His work ethic, emphasis on quality and professionalism, and ability to get the right resources in place to get the job done are why we will continue to use Rick Laney and the team at Rick Laney Marketing for all of our marketing needs as we grow and expand.”

Bob Wilson, President, RDI Technologies


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Brian Strong Testimonial

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“We worked with Rick Laney Marketing as we were getting Vendor Registry started. It was a critical time for us and Rick Laney Marketing helped us create a compelling message and then delivered that message to a highly targeted audience. We consistently got more than a 20% response rate to Rick’s marketing campaigns – and we sustained it for a long period of time. Rick Laney Marketing played a huge role in getting Vendor Registry off the ground.”

Brian Strong, Co-Founder and CEO, Vendor Registry


Deadlines and Budgets

Chris Nicely Testimonial

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“Rick Laney Marketing has always delivered for me whether I had a large budget or needed to stretch a small budget for maximum results. He is a professional communicator and brings energy and creativity to every opportunity. I tapped into his skills while I was Vice President of Marketing for Clayton Homes and again at Protomet.”

Chris Nicely, Director of Marketing, Protomet Corporation


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