Clinic Entrepreneur, a business based in North Dakota and Florida, helps healthcare professionals nationwide navigate the complicated world of business to open their own private physical therapy (PT) practices or add PT to their existing practices.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Blerim Dibra, DPT, Clinic Entrepreneur specializes in launching private physical therapy practices. Dibra has opened successful practices across the United States and knows first-hand the challenges therapists face.

Dibra suffered a life-changing injury in 2009 requiring surgery and extensive rehabilitation. From that vantage point, he experienced first-hand the disconnect between patient, treatment environments, and healthcare professionals. The incident set Dibra on a quest to provide a more patient-centered and efficient approach to traditional physical therapy intervention that resulted in a highly successful business model.

Dr. Blerim Dibra

“The doctors we work with are brilliant and talented people – but they don’t always understand the ins and outs of starting or running a business,” Dibra said. “We have established successful practices throughout the country, and now we guide others through the process.”

“There’s a misconception in the medical community that you need an MBA to be able to open a clinic and understand all of the intricate details and moving parts of a healthcare operation,” Dibra explained. “It’s simply not true. What you need is a partner who has successfully navigated setting up a private practice and has the knowledge and experience.”

In addition to helping therapists launch private physical therapy practices, Clinic Entrepreneur also helps podiatrists, surgeons, chiropractors, neurologists, nurse practitioners, OBGYNs, and ENT doctors expand their practices to include physical therapy.

Services provided by Clinic Entrepreneur begin with crafting a detailed plan, outline, and timeline. From there, they guide clients through entity creation, credentialing, recruiting, website and social media development, financing, and even help with equipment selection and clinic layouts. Once a healthcare practice opens, Clinic Entrepreneur shows its clients how to market and grow the business.

“Owning a healthcare practice is a marathon – not a sprint,” Dibra said. “Clinic Entrepreneur provides the business mentoring that healthcare providers need to reach financial and professional independence.”

For more information about Clinic Entrepreneur, or to schedule a free consultation, call 1-800-403-8204 or visit