A few months ago, Rick Laney Marketing was asked to perform a comprehensive rebranding for one of East Tennessee’s most established and respected home builders – Mike Stevens Homes. For the past 40 years, Mike Stevens Homes has been a prolific builder and innovator in the housing market, but the company felt their brand needed some attention.

Rick Laney Marketing redesigned the company’s logo and its storytelling before setting to work on advertising, video production, and social media imaging and messaging. In March, the company hosted a live event on Facebook premiering the new video conceptualized, written, and produced by Rick Laney Marketing.

We believe Rick Laney Marketing’s clients are the best clients in the world, and Mike Stevens Homes is another example of a company that understands there is more to business than the product you make. If you want to know what builders in Tennessee will be doing ten years from now, take a look at what Mike Stevens Homes is doing today. Visit¬†https://mikestevenshomes.com/.

Behind the scenes

of the Rick Laney Marketing video shoot for Mike Stevens Homes

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