Jayson Swain: Owner & Host, The Swain Event

VFL for Life Jayson Swain is a success story—both on and off the field.

Swain was born in Chicago but his great-uncle was raising him in Huntsville, Alabama—when everything changed. “I was still in elementary school,” says Swain, “and my dad was murdered when I was nine years old.” Swain pauses. “I found myself angry at the world. I was getting in trouble and I was going down the wrong path. I just didn’t care about anything—but sports saved me.

“My middle school coach, my great-uncle: They all coached me,” continues Swain. “I was originally a basketball player, but I knew football would be my bread and butter. My high school coach helped me see I had an opportunity to do something special; he took me to football camps and invested a lot of time in me. 

My great-uncle focused on helping me be a better person, getting good grades, and just doing the right things.”

Swain was a football star throughout high school.

“I focused on finding weaknesses to work on,” says Swain. Swain’s high school coach was a big Auburn University guy, but he never tried to convince Swain to attend college at Auburn.  “I stayed hungry and humble. I followed my instincts and my heart—all the way to the University of Tennessee.”

Swain treated his recruitment process like a business. “I made spreadsheets,” says Swain. “I noted which schools put guys in The League [the NFL]; I visited campus [in Knoxville], spent time around the program—and Tennessee just checked all the boxes.”

Swain had a successful run playing football for UT. “I’m proud of my time as a Vol,” says Swain.

“I was a captain and I left my mark—but, more than anything else, I built long-lasting relationships and connections.

That’s one of the cool things about playing at a place like the University of Tennessee: There is so much pride and passion. Guys who played before me, with me, or after me—we all share this strong bond—and that bond is never broken.

“I learned how to bounce back from adversity and how to lead. Those are life skills I use today that I learned playing football at UT.”

Today, Swain hosts The Swain Event, which can be heard on the internet at Swainevent.com or on the exclusive app [downloadable from the Apple App Store]. 

“There are a lot of reporters who never played, that don’t know what goes on in the locker room, who don’t know the pressure of playing at a place like Tennessee,” says Swain. “I offer an athlete’s perspective. I believe in having fun, and being entertaining and informative. I try to be consistent and respectful.”

Swain’s attitudes carry over from work to family, too. “I try just to be who I am—and I call it like I see it,” he says. “I didn’t grow up in a traditional family. Now I try to be the best dad I can be to my three daughters. I take pride in giving my kids things I didn’t have.”

Rick Laney Marketing was introduced to Swain through one of its clients – a local sports radio station – nearly a decade ago. Over the years, Rick Laney Marketing has provided marketing support to Jayson for his show, The Swain Event.

Rick Laney, President & CEO of Rick Laney Marketing:

“People who listen to sports radio have no idea what goes into producing an informative and entertaining broadcast,” said Rick Laney, President & CEO of Rick Laney Marketing. “Jayson’s show is on the air a few hours each day – but he prepares for that show nonstop. It really is an around-the-clock job.”

According to Laney, Swain is one of the hardest-working radio guys in the East Tennessee market. “Jayson is involved in every aspect of his show – from the advertising to the special guests who appear. Everyone knows Jayson because of his amazing football career, but I can tell you he works just as hard and sweats just as much today building and growing The Swain Event as he did on the field at Neyland Stadium.

“Jayson never quits – he’s there for his listeners, he’s there for his advertisers, and he’s always there for his family and friends. He’s the kind of person you respect in every area of his life.”

For more information about The Swain Event, clink the link below.


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