Julie DuPree: Founder, DuPree Homes

Born in Nashville to a Kentucky-raised father and a Colombian mother,

Julie DuPree had been thinking about starting her own company for decades. “My dad was a builder, and I always had an interest in starting my own company,” says DuPree. “I started DuPree Homes 16 years ago—and I am always 100 percent committed to my clients. I am always available; for me, it’s about the quality of the job—and the relationships with my clients.

DuPree Homes specializes in custom/new home construction—and founder Julie DuPree is passionate about her work. “Some years I might just build one or two houses because, to me, I want my clients to have a different experience,” she says.

“I’m very hands-on. I make all the selections with customers. I could give you, as reference, any one of my clients over the sixteen years I’ve been building. That’s the best marketing in the world!”

Working Hard & Getting Results

since 2005

DuPree has worked hard to be respected in the male-dominated world of construction.

“At first,” she says, “people would ask if I was the real estate agent or the interior designer. I would say, ‘I’m the builder’—and I got some looks! It’s taken years for me to gain respect in the industry, and it wasn’t easy—but I wanted to succeed—and I went for it! I just stayed motivated and I proved myself.”

On January 7th, 2016, DuPree was elected the first female President of Home Builder’s Association of Greater Knoxville. City of Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero was in attendance for the historic event and addressed the association as part of DuPree’s induction.

Being a woman, however, has paid off in other ways.

“I know what’s important to a woman,” says DuPree. “I don’t waste space. I think about closets. I often have husbands tell me, ‘My wife is running the show anyway—and I’m happy that she is working with you!’ Everyone, however, respects my attention to detail.

“ I look at every home as if I am building the home for me.”



EST. 2005

DuPree Homes has partnered with Rick Laney Marketing Since 2015

Dupree has been a client of Rick Laney Marketing for six years.

Initially, the companies worked together when Dupree was President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Knoxville (HBAGK) and she retained Rick Laney Marketing as the Agency of Record for HBAGK. Later, Rick Laney Marketing began working directly for Dupree Homes (in addition to its ongoing relationship with HBAGK).



DuPree Homes is committed to building homes with care and attention as if it was our own.


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