Lewis Frazer:
Founding Partner and CFO, OE Experiences

Lewis Frazer is a visionary.

Frazer’s past is impressive: He worked 16-hour days and, at age 27, operating with then-CEO Mike Campbell, took Regal Cinemas public—and Frazer hasn’t looked back. He has been in the middle of countless mergers and acquisitions, residential offerings, technology firms—and today, as CFO of OE Experiences, a multi-faceted consulting and development company, Frazer is asking smart questions about the future.

“I’m always a student of business,” says Frazer.

“Retail is at my heart—and I’m so intrigued by the experience side of retail. What will be the evolution of retail entertainment? It’s not movie theaters—so what is it going to take to get people out of their home?

“OE Experiences helps value-engineer ideas and then position the ideas so they are appealing to be financed and operated,” continues Frazer.

“We offer creative, production, and operational expertise—

and we offer rigorous debate about the best way to move forward. For example, if a client presents us with an idea, we look at the idea from every angle. We aren’t afraid to disagree. I believe iron sharpens iron.”

Frazer’s current focus is on developing 200 acres at I-40’s Exit 407 in Sevierville in partnership with Kituwah, the business development arm of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee. “It’s a multiyear project,” says Frazer. 

“Our first anchor tenant is a Buc-ee’s travel center; Buc-ee’s will occupy thirty of the first phase of eighty acres we are developing.

We are now talking to other potential tenants and asking the question: 

What would make people want to drive from West Knoxville to Sevierville? We want to appeal to both Knoxvillians and tourists passing through. We are always asking: What provides the experience component?

“Nothing applies to every situation—and we evaluate every idea on its own merit,” says Frazer. “We get paid to help clients make hard decisions.”

Frazer has a long history with Rick Laney Marketing. A technology company he founded and later sold was one of Rick Laney Marketing’s first clients.  

He continued to work with Rick Laney Marketing at his next venture, a travel and tourism startup where Frazer served as CFO. When he and Matthew Cross co-founded OE Experiences, Rick Laney Marketing was involved from the very beginning.

“Lewis is challenging in the best possible way,” Rick Laney, President & CEO of Rick Laney Marketing, LLC explained. “He’s a brilliant businessman who looks at every issue or opportunity from all sides – and it forces you to evaluate things deeply. The end results are always better because of Lewis.”

Rick Laney Marketing handles marketing, advertising, and public relations for OE Experiences and has been involved with the Exit 407 project since its inception.

Rick Laney, President & CEO of Rick Laney Marketing:

“There are people you enjoy working with because they are genuinely nice and pleasant to be around. There are other people you enjoy working with because they challenge you and make you better at what you do. Lewis is the rare combination of a super-nice guy who challenges you – and I mean really challenges you every step of the way – to be better.”

Over the past decade, Rick Laney Marketing has provided Frazer and his companies with marketing strategy services, logo design, brand development, website design and development, advertising, public and media relations services, collateral materials, developed trade show booths, and video production.

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