Mandy Hancock: Principal, Mandy Hancock Law

Mandy Hancock is a proud Tennessean—

born in Jackson, raised in Huntingdon, and educated at the University of Tennessee and the UT College of Law—and now practicing law in Knoxville at her own firm, Mandy Hancock Law, founded in January 2021.

Hancock’s new firm is just the latest chapter in her distinguished legal career.

“I worked with Elizabeth Meadows after I graduated law school in 2002,” says Hancock, “and then I spent time at Stacy, Whitt & Cooper. The last 14 years I handled my own cases at Banks & Jones. I’ve been fortunate to have good guidance through the years—and that’s been essential.”

Working Hard & Getting Results

Mandy Hancock Law

Today, Mandy Hancock Law oversees both civil and criminal defense law—and Hancock is busier than ever.

“So many cases were re-docketed because of the pandemic, and so now many trials are coming up in April, May and June,” she says. “I know it been tough on clients—although no fault of the court system—to have to wait. People can get frustrated when trials are hanging over their head. I stay consistent, however, for my clients—and I work all the time for them.”

Hancock’s outgoing personality—she loves concerts and to travel, and is looking forward to life post-Covid—and her exceptionally focused professional demeanor have combined to create a successful start to her new venture.

“I tell people, ‘if you just listen to me, I’ll get you through this,’” says Hancock.

“Everything will be good. I’m not perfect and I don’t make up the facts or make up the situation—but I care deeply about my clients.”

Mandy Hancock Law promises professional excellence, integrity, unparalleled client services, and expert legal advice. Most of all, you get the time and attention you deserve from a firm that genuinely cares about you and your case.




Mandy Hancock Law has partnered with Rick Laney Marketing Since 2020

Months prior to the opening of her new firm, Hancock became a client of Rick Laney Marketing.

She needed a name for her business, a new brand and logo, and a new website. Rick Laney Marketing created all of those things for Mandy Hancock Law before the company’s opening in January, and also crafted a direct marketing campaign, signage for the new firm, launched all her social media platforms, created a full-scale advertising campaign, and launched a PR and media relations program.


Mandy Hancock Law, PLLC is committed to providing its clients with high-caliber, dynamic representation that is constantly focused on achieving successful results.


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