Rhonda Krenzer: East Tennessee Real Estate Business Owner

Even after 25 years as a real estate agent,

Morristown, Tennessee, real estate pro Rhonda Krenzer has never seen anything like the last few months in the home buying (and selling) world. “People are moving to East Tennessee from many parts of the country,” she says. “People are moving here—so there is high demand and we have low interest rates. Homes are selling as soon as I put them on the market; I sold two homes last month after I just called people I knew. There has never been a better time to sell a home.

“I tell people now when I put a house on the market, ‘this is what I believe it is worth based on the last three to six months—but I guarantee you it will sell for more,’ which is a wonderful thing to say.”

Krenzer focuses on Morristown, Jefferson, Hamblen, and Grainger counties, where she has helped thousands of home buyers and sellers. In 2021, she is also beginning to concentrate on commercial development. Krenzer also oversees rental apartments as the owner of Collegewood Apartments (near Walters State Community College); she also has an executive rental company called Executive Places. All told, Krenzer has 80 rental units—all currently filled (and with a waiting list).

Working Hard & Getting Results

For Over 25 Years

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some unique working relationships.

“We were helping missionaries from Israel who were working at Walters State,” says Krenzer. “They were here at the beginning of the pandemic and unable to return to Israel—I guess we were a red zone—and they said, ‘It’s looking like we can’t go home until September, but we may need to leave sooner—we just don’t know.’ We were able to help them out.”

Indeed, good deeds abound in Rhonda Krenzer’s orbit. “We had a situation last week where a sister of one of my clients was moving here from Nashville to take care of their father. He is in his eighties, and, while he is still in his house, he needs more care. 

We found a condominium for her, but everybody and their brother was looking at this property; people were outside while we were looking at it! She was able to pay cash—but I’m going to remember something. She asked me, ‘Can I write an email to the sellers—because I want this to be more personal than me just paying more money for their condominium. I’m moving here for a really good reason, to take care of my father.’ That letter helped—because we were actually outbid by seven thousand dollars. The sellers said the letter really put the sale over the top.”

Krenzer’s experience and storehouse of deep real estate knowledge helps her navigate the waters during good times and bad.

“I don’t believe in greed,” she says. “I want to be paid fairly but I don’t think greed serves a purpose. I believe in being a good steward during prosperous times—and bad times too.”

You want an experienced expert for your healthcare needs and a seasoned professional when your car breaks down. Real estate is no different. Rhonda Krenzer is Morristown’s most skilled and accomplished real estate pro.




For nearly a decade Krenzer has worked with Rick Laney Marketing for all three of her companies.

Rick Laney Marketing has built websites for her real estate business, for Collegewood Apartments, and for Executive Places, as well as advertising campaigns, billboards, digital advertising and SEM campaigns, managed her social media, and managed PR for her. According to Rick Laney, President & CEO of Rick Laney Marketing, Krenzer’s attitude and enthusiasm is infectious. “Rhonda is the kind of person you want to be around. She’s smart, funny, and creative – it’s no surprise that all of her businesses are so successful.”

Rhonda Krenzer Realty

Rhonda Krenzer understands real estate. Rhonda is driven, organized, patient—and Rhonda works for you. Rhonda understands that buying a home may be the most important financial decision you ever make—and she knows buying a home is about what you want and what you need.

Executive Places

Executive Places operates 20 completely updated modern properties in beautiful Morristown, Tennessee. We are the only company serving Morristown with fully furnished apartments and homes for your short-term or extended stay housing needs. We also offer unfurnished homes, exceptional customer care and high-quality accommodations.

Collegewood Apartments

Nestled at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Morristown is a place rich in natural beauty and Appalachian culture. The city and surrounding area is home to great schools, colleges and businesses, and offers amazing places to visit and explore. Collegewood Apartments is the perfect fit for newcomers to the area, young families and college students.

“Rhonda Krenzer is a rare kind of person,” Rick Laney said. “Her enthusiasm in everything she does is contagious. She’s the kind of person you can’t wait to get a call from or have a meeting with. She’s just a joy to be around, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her clients—it’s a philosophy we believe in wholeheartedly at Rick Laney Marketing.”


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