December 2015

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Financial services for pro athletes

(from Knoxville News Sentinel) Financial planner Brad Fullington believes he knows why highly paid professional athletes often run out of their money.

“No matter how much money they make, they can outspend themselves,” he said. “The numbers are all relative; you make more, you spend more. You just double your budget.”

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Buds Gun Shop and Range

Rick Laney Marketing started working with Buds Gun Shop & Range in Sevierville, Tennessee about six months before the store opened in 2014. Less than a year later, Buds expanded its relationship with Rick Laney Marketing to include work for its other locations in Kentucky.

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Smoky Mountain Air Show

The Smoky Mountain Air Show is coming to Knoxville this April. Rick Laney Marketing has been providing graphics, design and advertising services to the air show since preparations began last year.

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