Innovate Pets introduces Truknox Pet Treats
27 Jun 2018

Innovate Pets introduces Truknox Pet Treats

A new line of premium, all-natural pet

27 Jun 2018

A new line of premium, all-natural pet treats called Truknox debuted at the SuperZoo pet show in Las Vegas today. Truknox introduced Lil’ Pete Twists and Lil’ Pete Knots, the first-ever chemical-free pet treats with no rawhide – which pets love but is known to cause health issues.

Lil’ Pete Twists and Lil’ Pete Knots look, feel, and smell like real rawhide but are safe for dogs to enjoy. Made with chicken and natural herbs, Truknox treats are completely grain-free, wheat-free, soy-free and corn-free. No chemicals are used by Truknox in the manufacture of Lil’ Pete products, and the process is controlled and heat-treated to eliminate all microorganisms.

While rawhide dog treats remain one of the most popular dog treats in the United States, there are inherent safety issues with rawhide. Dogs can break off pieces of real rawhide and choke, causing suffocation or digestive tract blockage. Real rawhide is also highly susceptible to dangerous contamination with both E. coli and Salmonella frequently found on real rawhide pet treats (which can also be dangerous for pet owners).

One thing that both mass market retailers and independent pet specialty shop owners agree on is the huge increase in sales they are experiencing from premium pet products. Lil’ Pete Twists and Lil’ Pete Knots allow store owners to deliver exactly what today’s pet owner is looking for, an all-natural, chemical-free product that is healthy and – for the first time ever – entirely safe for their beloved pet.

“We make Lil’ Pete products with all-natural ingredients in a safe plant environment,” said Chatchai Lertviwatkul, General Manager of Innovate Pets, Inc., which manufactures and distributes Truknox pet treats. “We use no chemicals, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and no rawhide so our customers are confident in our products.

“Everyone wants a healthy pet treat, but they also want it to be safe. Dogs love to chew, but no one wants to risk their dog’s health with chemical contamination – and Truknox Lil’ Pete products eliminate that fear.”

Innovate Pets, Inc. is the newest company in the Innovate Group and was established through a joint venture between Innovate Group and S.I.P. Thailand, a company with a 50-year history of manufacturing pet treats for several international markets and the United States. In Nov. 2016, Innovate Pets, Inc. began operation in Loudon, Tennessee to serve retailers and grocers in America. The company specializes in simple and healthy dog and cat treats. In addition to Lil’ Pete Knots and Lil’ Pete Twists, the company has an extensive line of other premium all-natural Truknox products.

“People are eating simple, healthy foods that taste great – that’s the trend for humans,” Lertviwatkul said. “That’s exactly what they want for their pets, and Truknox is entirely based on the philosophy of great-tasting treats that are simple, healthy and safe.”

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