Kryptology Escape Rooms hires Rick Laney Marketing
20 Dec 2016

Kryptology Escape Rooms hires Rick Laney Marketing

Kryptology Escape Rooms, one of the most

20 Dec 2016

Kryptology Escape Rooms, one of the most exciting new attractions to hit Pigeon Forge, Tenn. in years, has hired Rick Laney Marketing to manage all marketing, advertising and public relations activities.

Kryptology Escape Rooms is a unique, must-see attraction for the whole family. For the first time ever, you will step inside a real-life video game. All the fun, excitement and challenge of a digital game brought to life in a tangible, genuine experience. Perfect for families or groups of friends (up to eight people), Kryptology gives you 60 minutes to find clues, answer riddles and solve puzzles in an effort to find your way out.

Each room has at Kryptology offers a different, immersive theme and a unique story. Some of our guests find themselves at a top-secret military base where the U.S. Air Force’s “Scientific Discovery Task Force” has been tasked with investigating strange phenomena occurring throughout the region. Strange lights, bizarre noises and reports of individuals “vanishing” lead the government to seek outside help. Will your team be the group that unlocks the mystery?

Another room at Kryptology is “The Orphanage” where 100 years ago, St. Sebastian’s Home for Children was closed following the suspicious deaths of four children. As developers begin to convert the orphanage building into loft apartments, paranormal activities bring construction to a halt. Your team may be asked to find the truth behind these strange events.

Some of our guests become archeology students on an expedition in Florence, Italy. While exploring empty buildings in an old part of the city, you find a hidden door. Inside, your team makes what could be the biggest discovery of the century: Leonardo da Vinci’s lost workshop. Unfortunately, the door has locked behind you. Can you follow the clues left by da Vinci himself to find your way out?

At Kryptology, you can choose your favorite adventure experience or try them all. Each experience is great fun for your family or friends and is the perfect team-building activity for your staff, co-workers, school, club or other group. Kryptology also is a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion (tell us your preferred date and time and we can arrange to hold a private event just for your group).

Teams work together to solve puzzles and clues that eventually lead to escape. Some clues are easy, while others might leave you puzzled. No special skills are needed – just communicate with each other, search the rooms carefully, and if you get stuck, move on to another area or a different puzzle.

Games begin with a briefing where we review the rules and answer questions. Then, you are led into the room and your countdown to escape begins. If you don’t find the way out, we’ll unlock the door when your time expires. Although our games are challenging, none are frightening or traumatic for younger players. At the end of your game, we recap your accomplishments. Plan to spend a total of about 90 minutes with us from start to finish.

To learn more about Kryptology Escape Rooms, visit or call 865-366-1796 to book the experience of a lifetime!

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