Cross named CEO of Ancient Lore Village
05 Mar 2019

Cross named CEO of Ancient Lore Village

Local businessman Tom Boyd announced today that

05 Mar 2019

Local businessman Tom Boyd announced today that Matthew Cross, of Knoxville, will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Boyd Hollow Resorts, Inc.  Boyd Hollow Resorts, Inc. is the business entity which will oversee the development and management of the planned $40 million Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow® in South Knoxville.

Cross was born and raised in Knoxville, Tenn. “It is an amazing opportunity to join such a visionary project. The world needs a property like this, and I’m so proud to have it in Knoxville,” Cross said.

Cross has a background in the financial services industry as a consultant. He has also worked with a real estate developer in Boston, Mass., and in hospitality in Cherokee, N.C.

Cross said, “A project like this needs a varied background. I’m very fortunate to have been exposed to so many industries in my career. I’ve also been able to work with hundreds of executive teams, and I hope to apply my observations to building a unique culture that can support world class hospitality. It’s all about working hard to instill the vision in each and every person involved with the organization. It’s the only way this works.”

Ancient Lore Village is based on Tom Boyd’s book, The Bobbins – Outcast to the Inner Earth. The story follows Bokee Boken as he visits the villages of eight other character races (with Bokee being the ninth, a Bobbin): Dwarfs, Fairies, Leprechauns, Tree Elves, Ground Elves, Orcs, Yetis, and Gremlins. Guests to the hotel will stay in free-standing structures that represent the homes of the families who hosted Bokee on his trek.

Cross said, “This village represents the culmination of Bokee’s journey. Our guests are literally staying in the homes owned by the families in the book. You will see their family portraits on the wall. The village is now inhabited harmoniously by the nine character races which previously were independent. When they were separated, each family thought they represented the best possible qualities, but when they are together, they benefit from each other. It’s a powerful metaphor for the real world. We are a country of diversity. We are the better for it. We share a common dream in America to do and be better. It feels like some of us have forgotten that. Our hope is our visitors will come with an open mind and a desire for joy. They make a few connections on the way. They certainly will make memories.”

Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow is projected to open in 2020. For more information about Ancient Lore Village at Boyd Hollow®, visit,

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